VS-1 Classifier

Sensor technology that provide decision-makers accurate, detailed and real-time statistics of each vehicle on road

VS-1 Classifier solution

Disruptive Engineering´s VS1-Classifier sensor are cost-efficient, GDPR-compliant and compatible with existing road infrastructure, thus enhancing existing and new ITS-solutions with detailed traffic data and incident detection in real-time

Low maintance

◦ No down-time
◦ Installed beneath the pavement (up to 15cm)​
◦ Robust against environmental factors

Classification down to ‘make and model’

◦ Unique signature of vehicles​
◦ Engine - type detection
◦ Vehicle-length and width
◦ AID - Automatic Incident Detection

Integration with existing infrastructure​

◦ Local GPU/data-processing​
◦ ​Low per unit cost

Non-visual detection

◦ GDPR-compliant​
◦ No re-calibration

Assembled VS-1 sensors designed for integration in excisting ITS-solutions

Disruptive Engineering deliver assembled sensor solutions, that are designed for mass production for integration in ITS-solutions.

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