Intelligent Sensing Technology

Disruptive Engineering develops advanced road sensor systems that enhance ITS-solutions within infrastructure for increased safety, mobility and reduced emission.

Need for more accurate and detailed statistics
and prediction in


City Centers


VS -1 Classifier

Disruptive Engineering´s VS1-sensor are cost-efficient, GDPR-compliant and compatible with existing road infrastructure, thus enhancing existing and new ITS-solutions with detailed traffic data and incident detection in real-time.

◦ Classification of vehicle by type and model

◦ Distinguish between Eletric-, Hybrid-, and Fossil- fueled Engines

◦ Measures vehicles position, speed and length width gap-time

◦ Communicate relevant data within ITS in Real-Time

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VS - 2 Tracker and Incident Detector

◦ AID – Automatic Incident detection
◦ Realtime tracking of vehicle position, speed and lane-changes

New product
in development

Our partners

DE Partner - TrionaDE Partner - Eik IdéverkstedDE Partner - Innovation NorwayDE Partner - The Research Council of Norway
DE Partner - NMBU
DE Partner - Inkubator ÅsDE Partner - Norwegian Tunnel Cluster

Contact for more information

Disruptive Engineering is based at Campus Ås, as a part of the Norwegian University of Life Science - NMBU

Visiting address: 
Sagaveien 3
‍1433 Ås

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